12 February 2017

Healthy Dog Food

(First episode about Choco: Sick Pets)

A little update on Choco. He is enjoying the bones of a whole chicken (leftover from a grilled chicken bought at the local market). These bones are obviously cooked, Choco has no problem digesting them.

Many years ago, Choco's vet warned the owners about the inability of a small dog digesting bones, saying that the bones would poke Choco's digestive system.

04 February 2017

Sick Pets

Below is a picture of Choco (7 years old), my brother's dog, happily eating "whole" animals, bones, skin and organs as part of his daily diet. He is free to consume as much as he wants and the parts he likes most.

22 January 2017

Organ Meat (Simple Recipe Included)

I always encourage the consumption of organ meat, or whatever is not lean meat:
  • liver
  • heart
  • brain (I find this to be the most satisfying)
  • bones (in the form of broth)
  • bone marrow
  • kidney
  • stomach
  • skin
  • tendons (rich in collagen for joint health)

06 December 2016

Cancer and Fasting

Read and learn about the different ways to cure cancer. Consult your doctor before starting any protocol.

Stefan developed prostate cancer. He did a 42 days fast to starve cancer cells, following the program described in The Breuss Cancer Cure. Watch the video for more details about his experience.

06 October 2016

Luigi Cornaro - A Temperate Life

Secrets of a Long Life 

The First Discourse (1 of 4) written at the age of 83
The Second Discourse (2 of 4) written at the age of 86
The Third Discourse (3 of 4) written at the age of 91
The Fourth Discourse (4 of 4) written at the age of 95

Or how to regain health from serious chronic illness, and live a healthy and long life.

These four discourses: How to Live 100 Years, or Discourses on the Sober Life is the earliest and most detailed account on calorie restriction and fasting I have found so far.